For all of your brewery requirements.

We can help you on every level of development that will enable you to have a complete
turn-key brew system that will produce great craft beer that everyone will love.

We do it all, from custom design and fabrication, to
installation and commissioning of your craft brew system.

With over 30 years experience in the craft brewing industry, we have vast knowledge and experience of everything involving breweries.  Integrating current brewing technology and the innovative ideas of the many craft brewers we have worked with has led to the development of CLE producing award winning brew systems that make award winning beers. The NZ Champion Brewery of the year 2014 was won by Townshend's CLE’s Brew System. If you have a dream of making great quality and unique craft beer, then CLE Brew Systems can help you make it a reality. We understand that every craft brewery will be different, so we will custom design your brew system to suit your needs so that you get exactly what you want. (download our printable PDF here)

At CLE Brew Systems you will be dealing with Chris the master craft brewery engineer,
throughout the whole project and he will help you on all things beer related, including;

Building design and layout  •  Utilities placement, e.g water and power  •  Refrigeration
Floors and drainage  •  Equipment sourcing  •  Bar dispensing system

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Manufacturing, Designing, Installing and Commissioning Brew Systems for over 30 years

CLE BREW SYSTEMS, who's talents have served the brewing industry for over 30 years, is a leading company in craft beer innovation and design. CLE Brew Systems is based in Nelson,  the craft beer capital of New Zealand and we have many years of experience in the craft beer industry that will help you build the brewery of your dreams.

We can help you with all aspects of designing your craft brewery, from building design and utilities placement, to bar planning and layout. We understand that making great beer is an art, and our extensive knowledge in all aspects of brewing will help you craft your way into the exponentially growing business.

CLE Brew Systems will work with you in the design to help you build a brewery like no other as we use only the best equipment and technology along with a design that is based with each of your individual requirements in mind. You then have the ability to design and craft any specialty beer you like from influencing flavours and aromas using the brew system technology, to additions of specialty ingredients like peaches and liquorice using customized brewery equipment. A CLE Brew System can do it all, helping you make unique beers that are individual and customised however you like, from peach pale ale to premium lagers.

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With a CLE brew system we can help you understand how to influence and control the many kinds of flavours and aromas to make truly inspiring beers that will inspire others to want to do the same.

CLE brew technology and systems is renowned for its repeatable accuracy. Brewers attempting to develop recipes or simply trying to brew an identical batch from a known recipe, face an amazing array of complex variables that easily conflict with the expected outcome. Caramelization, aeration effects, stratified heat layers in mash kettles, temperature control and sanitation all can turn a great recipe into a poor quality, mismanaged mistake. Such inconsistencies subsequently modify the finished product into an unexpected and oftentimes less than desirable ‘alternate.’ The careful elimination of these and other variables is the intent during each individual design of a brew system, which has been developed and continuously upgraded over these many years to become what is is today.

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How we started

CLE Brew Systems, a division of C Little Engineering, is founded by Chris Little of Nelson. Chris started his craft brewing career as the chief brewery engineer at Macs brewery, fabricating and maintaining their brew system operation. With all of his knowledge working at the first craft brewery in New Zealand, Chris had a dream to be able to offer the rest of New Zealand complete quality and unique craft beer solutions. This became the start of what is now known in many parts of Australasia as CLE Brew Systems, who has helped many craft brewers produce top quality award winning beers by providing individually designed brewery solutions for many years now. CLE Brew Systems is proud to offer you complete brewing solutions, no matter your requirements. CLE Brew Systems has been a part of the forever changing craft beer world for many years and has vast knowledge of brewery equipment and technology as well as contact with many knowledgable people in the brewing industry, from hop growers to brewers, that can help when it comes to designing your own craft beer system, from obtaining the best ingredients, to recipe design and distribution. This means CLE Brew Systems will provide you with the ultimate craft beer system that is best suited to your needs and you will have an asset that will last and be envied by many craft brewers.

If you are either just entering into the exciting world of craft beer or would like to add to your existing brewery, CLE Brew Systems has the complete solutions for you.

The Team

How we fit together

At CLE Brew Systems we combine great service with the many years experience of our team of specialists. Chris can help you with all things beer, from equipment needs to utility requirements. If your not sure what equipment to purchase and how to set it out in your building, where to put power, water and what refrigeration you need.

We do all of that for you.
We will provide complete architectural drawings for your brewery at different stages so we can come to the best layout and design. We will design, build and manufacture the complete brew systems for you and will also provide solutions for bottling, packaging and kegging. The best part is that you will be dealing with Chris for the whole project.

Whether you need  to design a new building for a restaurant and brewery, upgrade your existing brewery, add some additional vessels to your current brewery, or need a complete bar beer dispensing system, CLE Brew Systems can provide you with every aspect of the project, from start to finish, to make your dream a reality!

We welcome your inquiry and will gladly supply information packages, quotes and any other assistance necessary for helping you in the planning of your project.

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Chris is the head of Nelson's brew system team.

Chris Little ‘the engineering brains behind it all’

Chris is the project manager and guru of all things beer and equipment relating to it. He started his beer laden path by working for Mac's brewery, then using this knowledge Chris started his own business providing complete craft beer solutions by designing, fabricating, installing and commissioning complete craft solutions throughout Australasia. Successive brew systems designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned include: New Zealand Hops/Plant and Food Research 50 L hop trial plant, Emersons Lauter Tun, Golden Bear Brewery, Murrays Craft 25 HL system, Cheeky Monkey brew system, Governor Brewery and Matso's Brewery. Chris lives and breathes engineering. Throughout the years he has been involved with many projects around Australasia that have had many different requirements and challenges. These ranged from providing a completely enclosed yeast management system, designing and building a water column for quality precision gas pressure control, to helping design a complete automation program for a 25 HL brewery from scratch. Chris’s experience in the craft beer industry, from designing a completely automated Lauter tun from mash in to grain discharge, to designing, fabricating and commissioning an automated 25 HL cat-walk brew system for 4 million litres of beer in Australia, has made him a walking encyclopedia of all things beer. Chris has much knowledge of codes and regulations of everything to do with brewery equipment. Chris had many contacts that have made him invaluable for the craft beer industry in Australasia, which include NZ Hops, Golden Bear brewery partner, stainless steel specialist, steam and refrigeration specialists, and many owners of a CLE Brew System whose knowledge Chris can draw upon to help with brewery solutions.

Sue Little

Sue, with her husband Chris, co-founded Chris Little Engineering back in 1984. Sue handles the admin side of things.

Amy Little

Amy has a post graduate diploma in biochemistry and has a passion for all things science to do with beer and fermentation. Amy helps advise on the science and technology side of the brew system design and does the CAD drawings for the brew system layout.


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